Public Art

Davis Amtrak Depot Serpentine Bench

Davis Amtrak Depot. Native plants create an ecologically sensitive environment where serpentine straw bale benches depict Central Valley seasons with granite tile mosaics. Granite boulders memorialize immigrant workers who died bringing railroad tracks through the Sierra Nevada, linking California to the rest of the nation. Among the boulders are lush-leafed Paulownia trees. Wood from the Paulownia tree was traditionally used for bridal chests in China, representing the hope of families for the future of their children.

Location: Davis, CA

Healer Plaza

This 10 foot high sculpture was commissioned by Solano County for placement in front of its new health services building. The mosaic figure is covered in colored marble and granite mosaics (a technique dating back to ancient times) depicting symbols of health and regeneration. The ‘healer’ floats in a mist cloud surrounded by large stones forming a turtle.

Location: Vallejo, CA


Location: Vallejo, CA

This polished concrete and mosaic sculpture for the Solano County Family and Child Services building represents the joy of family and the resilience of children.


Commissioned by the Sacramento Art in Public Places Program for the Westhampton Park neighborhood, this giant egg depicts the history of its location, from its wild and agrarian past to it’s present, suburban incarnation. Mosaics of native plants and animals are executed in durable granite and marble tiles.

Location: Sacramento, CA

Spirit of Solano Mural

Spirit of Solano Mural Sayako Dairiki's mural for the Solano County Government center is a Time and Spacescape assemblage of vignettes depicting scenes from the Central Valley, the Foothills and the Sacramento Delta marshes. Birds, orchards, and rice fields abound, showing cornucopia offered by this fast-growing region. Oil on panel with gold leaf.

Location: Vacaville, CA

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