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Our “Building-Within-A-Building” approach pioneered on the Tracy Animal Shelter made it a pilot project for our current work on the affordable prototype Best practices shelter, stay tuned!

This new multi-phased animal shelter will provide a model for other communities, delivering high quality, humane housing and care of animals using current best practices of animal sheltering within a severely restricted budget.

Innovative building concepts include a pre-manufactured steel shell for fast track low-cost construction, splayed kennel design to minimize acoustic and visual stress to animals, kennels made of shotcrete for durable and easy maintenance, high efficiency mechanical systems, daylighting and passive ventilation throughout all animal holding areas.

Working with the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, the international leading experts in shelter medicine, this facility provides animal care best practice features including indoor/outdoor holding kennels for all dog holding areas, double sided cat holding cages, access to natural light and air for all animals, animal choice and control of environment within each kennel and a variety of animal adoption venues for the promotion of the adoption of animals.

The shelter also was designed to have flexible animal holding areas, allowing for efficient and cost effective staffing and easy expandability. Phase 2 will include a spay/neuter clinic and a community clinic.

Tracy Animal Shelter

Location: Tracy, CA

Projects Facts:
- Size: 6,000 SF (Phase 1), 6,000 SF (Phase 2)
- Phase 2 will include spay/neuter clinic and community meeting room.
- Cost: $3,800,000 (Phase 1 only)
- Completed March 2015

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