Strawbale Artists Home & Studio

Jon Hammond of INDIGO constructed the first modern-era strawbale structure in the early 1980’s and now brings strawbale to market for use with public buildings. Winters, California

This home has a sparking reinterest in the use of native and low-energy materials in construction.  Strawbale creates charm and energy efficient R-50 walls.

Integration of sculptural elements and traditional forms into a straw bale house create an expressive and super insulated architecture. The use of natural tree shapes creates a powerful interior experience reminiscent of Asian temple architecture.

PG&E Suncatcher House

Location: Sacramento, CA
Special Features: Passive Demonstration house with thermal mass and shaded windows.

This house, designed by Jonathan Hammond with his former firm Living Systems, represents an historic experiment sponsored by PG&E. The house showed that with good orientation, thermal mass and shaded windows, a home could stay comfortable without air conditioning, even on very hot, Central Valley summer days.

Valley Home

Mendocino House

Location: Mendocino, CA

This simple for gable house built in the New England's traditional style of architecture as simplified in the California setting of the beautiful village of Mendocino neatly contrast against the deep greens and blue lush registered vegetation of the Pacific coast.

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