Orange Tree Senior Apartments

This HUD Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly features 50 units designed to provide an affordable healthy living environment for independent living. The project is designed to keep seniors active, engaged, and encouraged to get sun and fresh air. Each apartment opens to the outside instead of a long hallway. Vegetable and ornamental gardens, outdoor exercising equipment, a doggy pocket park, and a generous community center patio all invite residents outside. 

Location: Oroville, California

Project Facts:
- Cost: $7.5 million
- 36,000 SF on 1.6 acres
- Completed 2014
- Exceeds California Energy Code by 30%
- Build It Green Points: 138, 13 points above top benchmark of 125
- Photovoltaic Power Production: 22kW
- Developer: PEP Housing, Petaluma, California
- Contractor: Sunseri Construction, Chico, California

Inside, the project incorporates the concept of passive solar access. That is, the buildings have been oriented to the south and spaced so that even in December all units have low-angle winter sunlight coming into their spaces. The floor plan has been configured so that in every unit either the living room or the dining room has a sunny south facing window in the winter. Getting adequate sunlight is critical for seniors, especially in the winter. Among other benefits, getting adequate sunlight reduces depression and insomnia. Finally the sun coming into the window in the winter will help to heat the apartments thus reducing the use of natural gas. In the summer time the north and south facing windows are protected from direct sun, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.