Fireproof House Design

The Camp Fire in Paradise, CA was the deadliest wildfire in in the United States in the last century. With 16.5 billion dollars in damage incurred, 18,804 structure burned and 86 lives lost, this fire highlights the need to build fireproof and resilient structures, especially in wildland-urban interface areas. As we have seen from both the Camp Fire and the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa, where the entire neighborhood of Coffey Park was destroyed, design paradigms need to shift. Building structures to the current code does not offer even a reasonable degree of Fire Safety when compared to “Fire Storms” driven by dry conditions and fierce winds.

Fire Resistant Zero-Net Energy House

This house is designed to withstand the Firestorms that California is experiencing on a regular basis.  In addition, it is designed to be extremely energy efficient, so that a small photo-voltaic (aka: solar panel) system and battery storage system will keep the house fully functional even when the power grid is down for a wild fire safety.  The PV system is sized to provide Zero-Net Energy operation for the house.  It will power both the house and the resident’s electric vehicles.

 Most of the deaths in the Camp fire occurred while people were fleeing the fire.  If the occupants of this home are unable to evacuate, they will be able to safely shelter in place.

This is the Home of the future! It not only responds to the new conditions brought on by climate change but allows the inhabitants to live and commute with a carbon neutral footprint.