Zero-net Energy Sikh Temple


The buildings are a unique blend of traditional Sikh and contemporary design with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. The Sikh Gurdwara Yuba City aims to be the most sustainable new Sikh Gurdwara in the world. Embodying environmental stewardship which is consistent with the basic tenets of Sikhism. The North Building contains senior, women and youth centers and living space on the first level, and the Langar Hall on the second level. The South Building provides a Sunday school and day care center on the first level and a community center with gymnasium on the second level. All of these spaces cater to the present and future needs of the Sikh community.

Energy & Sustainability Features

sikhaerial reduced.jpg

• Zero-net energy

• Carbon-neutral footprint

• Super-efficient building shell

• Natural lighting

• Natural ventilation

• Solar heating

• Night Sky cooling

• Cool roof design

• Straw bale R-40 wall insulation

• Rapidly renewable local building material

• Photovoltaics (Solar Panels)

• Bioswale site drainage

• Pervious pavement groundwater recharge