Zero-net Energy Yolo County

Yolo County Animal Shelter.png

The new Yolo County Animal Shelter is a state-of-the art facility serving community needs for providing safe, humane housing of all animals. An important goal is to maximize positive outcomes for all adoptable animals. The new 28,000 square foot shelter will replace the existing outdated, undersized shelter and will become a welcoming destination in the community. Using shelter medicine best practices created in partnership with the UC Davis Koret© Shelter Medicine Program, the new facility will provide high quality housing to promote animal health and maximize animal adoptions.

A few of the shelter medicine best practices that are incorporated include:

  • Double compartment housing for all animals to allow for choice and control within their environment

  • Access to natural daylight & ventilation in all animal areas

  • Acoustic control to minimize stress.

The facility was designed to be highly sustainable, incorporating energy saving and water reducing strategies which will lower operating and maintenance costs over time. Using sustainable strategies allows for more dollars to be spent where it matters, on improving and supporting best animal care.

Energy & Sustainability Features

ZNE PV Array.jpg
  • Narrow wings-design for access to light and air

  • South-facing Roofs, PV Array (aka: Solar Panels)

  • Ultra-low water use via efficient cleaning systems

  • Rainwater & greywater harvesting

  • High efficiency hydronics

  • LED lights, daylight controls