Exterior Courtyard

Master Architect Indigo, collaborated with Houston’s Jackson & Ryan Architects along with UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program to create a facility centered on shelter medicine best practices. Indigo, serving as Master Architect to the County of Placer, planned for a design-build facility that would provide the most successful outcomes for animals.

A detailed study of animal capacity and length of stay gathered from existing shelter data was the first thing evaluated. “Right” sizing a shelter is critical as it impacts costs (you don’t want to over build!), as well as operational and maintenance costs over the life of the building. The design-builder was Unger Construction Company with Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture.

From the capacity recommendation, a program and detailed design criteria were written as the basis for the design-build team to work from. Indigo and team worked closely with the County and it’s stakeholders over the course of a year and participated in several public meetings along with facilitating regular working group meetings.

The result has been a showcase project at the leading edge of shelter facility design.

Sustainable Strategies

The Placer County Animal Shelter has a LEED Silver rating and is designed with sustainable strategies including, innovative ventilation strategies, daylighting, high efficiency mechanical systems, and low-emitting materials. This provides a safe and healthy environment for people and animals. The animals housed at the facility have views outside and access to natural light - many reside in indoor/outdoor housing. The campus also incorporates dog exercise yards, as well as a pasture and barn for livestock.

Leed-silver PLACER COunty Animal Shelter

Location: Auburn, CA

Projects Facts:
- Size: 34,000 SF
- Cost: $18,000,000
- Completed 2016
-Design-Builder Unger Construction Company with Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture

 Working with the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, the international leading experts in shelter medicine, this facility provides animal care best practice features including indoor/outdoor holding kennels for all dog holding areas, double sided cat holding cages, access to natural light and air for all animals, animal choice and control of environment within each kennel and a variety of animal adoption venues for the promotion of the adoption of animals.

The design-build team worked with the County to prioritize sustainability principles while keeping the budget in line. Water reduction and landscaping solutions were integrated with best practices in animal care, resulting in sustainable, affordable dog housing and yards. Indigo, as Master Architect, worked closely with the County to streamline circulation within the building so visitors have an optimal experience and staff are efficient in their daily tasks. Warm building finishes, lighting, and careful acoustic design result in an approachable and comfortable facility. This facility promotes the County’s vision for a community centered shelter.

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