Los Banos Animal SHELTER Study & Design


Preliminary design is currently underway on a new 12,200 SF state-of-the art facility on a new site which will replace the City’s current outdated facility. The new facility will provide housing meeting all shelter medicine best practices and include a veterinary clinic that will provide low cost spay / neuter services to the public as well as a multi-purpose classroom space. With budget limitations, the project will be a phased approach and designed to be easily expanded as funding is available. Since the completion of their new shelter will be a few years out, Indigo was also hired to complete a needs assessment of the existing animal shelter and provide recommendations on what to do while the City plans for a new shelter.

The highest priority recommendation was to bring a modular building on site to serve as low-cost cat housing space with new double compartment cages in order to get cats out of the noisy dog kennel area, which they currently share. Improving animal housing can have the biggest effect on animal health. Other recommendations included expanding dog exercise yards, adding a ventilation system and renovating the old cat housing area into much needed support space.

Using shelter medicine best practices in partnership with the UC Davis Koret© Shelter Medicine Program, the facility will provide high quality housing to promote animal health and maximize animal adoptions.

A few of the shelter medicine best practices that are incorporated include:

  • Double compartment housing for all animals to allow for choice and control within their environment

  • Access to natural daylight & ventilation in all animal areas

  • Acoustic control to minimize stress.