Astro Foundation Animal Shelter

Astro Foundation Render HQ_marketing_flat.jpg

The Astro Foundation is a non-profit rescue group serving the communities of Oakdale and Riverbank. Indigo worked closely with the Astro facility committee to define project objectives and goals, to develop a space program and an early budget, over several months. A conceptual design with renderings were produced which are currently being used for fundraising. The project consists of a 4,000 sf building on a 1 acre site with a variety of housing types for both dogs and cats, including a cat café, indoor / outdoor cat group rooms, a small dog puppy room in addition indoor / outdoor dog kennels. Separate isolation housing is provided for cats and dogs which is critical even with a small facility.

Using shelter medicine best practices in partnership with the UC Davis Koret© Shelter Medicine Program, the facility will provide high quality housing to promote animal health and maximize animal adoptions.

A few of the shelter medicine best practices that are incorporated include:

  • Double compartment housing for all animals to allow for choice and control within their environment

  • Access to natural daylight & ventilation in all animal areas

  • Acoustic control to minimize stress.